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So, to update our journey to end belt problems on the 2014 Polaris XP1000, we were lucky enough to spend some time talking to one of the best clutch builders around. He builds and services the clutches for some of the biggest teams in desert racing. He has ran into the belt question many times in regards to the 2014. Based on his recommendation and wisdom, we decided to reduce the gear ratio in our transmission by 14%. We also changed spring rates in our primary clutch and upgraded all of the bearings in the trans to the Sandcraft Racing kit while we were in there. Last but not least, we added a second limiting spacer to the primary as well to limit belt travel. This will limit our top speed to approx 85mph, but substantially increase bottom end and acceleration. We are stoked to go test this set-up as we prep for Rage at the River in December. Stay tuned for the results!