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When we talk about CVT clutching on these side x sides, we would not be doing our job if we didn’t discuss those Polaris rollers and sliders. Have you looked at yours? What starts to happen as items in your primary/secondary clutch begin to wear, is those factory rollers…and worse, the factory sliders begin to wear away the metal on your secondary. As you can see in the photos, both the rollers and sliders begin to get worn and dig into the clutch itself. There’s a solution right off the bat that helps dramatically with wear, clutch engagement and smoothness of your machine. In this picture, you can see the square “pucks” vs. the larger heavy duty rollers.

If you catch this early enough, you can replace the sliders and keep from having to purchase a very expensive complete secondary clutch assembly. We have seen instances where people resurface the area where the sliders move, but once that metal is gone, your clutching system will never be the same.

The rollers are susceptible to wear as well, but usually take longer to damage the secondary itself as seen here:

Again, there is an inexpensive way to avoid having to buy a new clutch. What’s more, is that adding the heavy duty rollers will make your clutch engagement smoother, your upshifting and backshifting will be more consistent and your machine will drive better. Add a clutch kit to the mix and that good old Polaris clutch chatter we know you all love so much…will be a thing of the past. If everything moves smoother, it will also help with belt wear and breakage. We sell a full line of the heavy duty rollers. We are a dealer for SLP, Hunterworks, Ibexx and many other clutch component manufacturers. If you are a do-it-yourself type of rider, this is a moderate difficulty upgrade. If you would like, we are happy to refurbish your clutch with all new rollers, resurfacing and a new lease on life. Give us a call and let Side By Side Outlet help you get the most out of the investment you have made in your machine.