Universal Self-Canceling Turn Signal System with Horn


Fits any +12Vdc Power system
Two Rear Light Wiring Options Available:
1. OEM Interface Wires Utilizing Factory Brake lights*
2. Two .75″ 3 LED Rear Red Lights
(Requires Positive(+) Taillight signal for Wired Integration)
Laser Etched LED Lit Turn Switch
Lit Emergency Hazard Switch***
Rear Power Out for optional license plate light**
Made in the USA!

CLICK HERE for Instructions for Wired Option

CLICK HERE for Instructions for 0.75″ LED Light Option:



XTC® Power Products Leads the way in UTV Wiring Solutions. No longer will you have to worry about leaving your turn signals on, from our Plug & Play line we introduce our new ‘Self-Canceling’ turn signal product, the ATS (Automatic Turn Signal) System. With the push of a button, the ATS will activate the corresponding turn blinker for a short duration and then automatically cancel for simple lane changes. A prolonged press of the button will yield a longer blinker duration, suitable for making a left or right turn. You can manually cancel the turn signal by pushing the button a second time. All Automatic Turn Signal Systems include a marine grade rocker switch with laser cut arrows that flash green like a regular car when activated. Also included in all ATS systems is our custom ‘Horn / Hazard’ rocker switch and rear power out for a license plate light or whip light. It is easy to install with no wires to cut and no crimping, the brake lights work as turn signals just like a car including hazard lights. Everything needed to integrate with your vehicles OEM brake light harness comes included, simply unplug the UTV’s rear light harness, plug-in ours and enjoy. XTC Power Products are made in America. XTC Gets You Wired For Fun®!

*If your tail lights Flash/Strobe when you hit the brakes, these kits remove that feature.  If you wish to retain in, CLICK HERE for wiring.

**License Plate Lights Options: RZR Click HERE all others CLICK HERE

***Turn Signal Indicator Options: CLICK HERE for Single Dash Indicator or CLICK HERE for Two Arrow Indicators


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