Turbo S CVT Blaster II Belt Cooler / Clutch Blower


After months of testing the results are in! Our Turbo “S” CVT “Blaster” is good to go and as with our XPT CVT “Blaster” II you can achieve up to a 50 degree drop in direct belt temperature over stock and maintain better temperatures on those high speed runs.

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As soon as we had a chance to work with the new “S” we jumped at the chance to improve CVT cooling building on the success of our CVT “Blaster II for the XPT model. Polaris has changed the CVT cover once again to give improvement in cooling due to the additional loads the “S” encounters due to it’s heavier weight, larger tires and turbo charged power, but we knew we could achieve even more cooling of the drive belt. First reports from racers and enthusiasts are that gearing is a bit high and it really shows in low gear. Belt temps rise quickly, smoking belt smells and of course the dreaded belt failure. Also seemed to be an issue at the higher top speeds that the “S” is capable of. Maintaining those high speeds showed a spike in belt temps which were hard to control without backing off. With the new CVT cover our CVT “Blaster II for the XPT wasn’t going to work. We found the most efficient location for mounting our high velocity fan assembly. After several tests we found the optimal mounting location that would yield the best results in dropping overall belt temperature. Next was mounting the assembly in a way that kept a low profile, and as close as possible to the drive to maintain as much velocity as possible.


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