2017-2019 CVT Blaster II Belt Cooler / Clutch Blower


Lower belt temps = greater belt life.  Try one out and you will notice a difference!  This is the only kit that ADDS an additional intake hose – a must at high RPM as to not impeded the normal flow already made from your stock clutch ducting.  See video below.

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RZR XPT Turbo Clutch Fan Kits.

We have had great success with the RZR XP1000 clutch fan kits that pulled air through the clutch out the primary to keep it very cool.   Well we found out that the RZR XPT Turbo clutch design needs air to be push in, to keep it super cool & clean of most dust.

We made some new clutch fan kits, consisting of a High Power 160 CFM water & dust resistant blower fan, 3″ high grade flex tubing, a top of the line dry filter, and all necessary hardware to install it on your stock clutch cover.  This kit will help drop belt temps 40+ degrees. This will  help with the wear of  the belt..

The simplest & most effective way to wire it, is for you to supply a switch & run a hot wire to the clutch cover & ground to the frame or motor.

We have tested this set-up in the harshest conditions. 200 + miles in the silt cover desert of King Of The Hammers, rock crawling the toughest rock walls of KOH & the Rubicon Trail.

We had ZERO belt issues, with belt temps way below normal.  We also had no dust in our clutches, which reduces significant wear on moving clutch sliders & parts.

This kit is a must for Sand Duners, Rock Crawlers, Desert Racers, and any high load operation you put your XPT through.



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