Driveshaft Repair / Rebuilding Service


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Noises coming from your driveline?  We can fix it!  There are several packages we offer to get you back up and running.  Prices are for rebuild/repair only – you ship to us on your dime, we ship back on ours.  Read below for more details.

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U Joints: grease-able joints with fitting on the end cap or in the middle.

Yokes: Inspect for wear and structural integrity.

Shaft: Phase it- making sure the ujoints line up with one another.  We cut one end off, turn it to match in line with the other side, and weld it back up.  This reduces uneven wear on all parts.

Carrier Bearing: Your choice of the Super ATV cast aluminum, Sandcraft Billet Aluminum, or we can even do an oem rubber if you prefer.

Balance: Ensures longer life of u-joints and extends carrier bearing life.  Also, reduces noise and vibration in the machine.  Takes your PTO and makes it a driveshaft!


We have thousands of race miles with BOR SNORE and BITD on a stock driveline that is properly set up by the team here at SbSO.  Unless you are jumping at the dunes or have WAY oversize tires (more than two sizes), a stock driveline will perform well for most people if properly balanced, phased, and regularly greased.  Turn around time is generally a week.


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