Can-Am X3 Rear Sway Bar Stop Clamp


Rear sway bar stop clamp

This clamp attaches to your sway bar and prevents it from sliding side to side causing excess noise from the rear of the machine.

Machined from 6061 aluminum including all hardware.

Do you notice a popping noise from the rear of your X3 on a trail? Do you have visible wear on your sway bar evident that it is sliding side to side? We have a simple and effective solution.

We also have to listen to the annoying popping, slamming, and banging of the sway bar on a trail. But now with our clamps in place on the sway bar you won’t have those anymore.

Or simple bar clamps bolt on the outer side of your seat bar mounts locking it in place so it cannot slide side to side.

Clamps are machined from 6061 aluminum include all hardware, instructions, and a lifetime warranty.

Kit contains two (2) clamps

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