Can-Am X3 Billet High Clearance Radius Rods


Set inlcudes 6 rods total.

4 Billet High Clearance

2 Billet Straight Rods- Right Hand Left Hand Threads

All heims and needed hardware included.

2 Week Lead Time On ALL colors


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Our high clearance rods were designed with strength, dependability, and affordability all in mind. Our rods finish in the absolute largest rods on the market. We have a finished thickness of 1.25 inches throughout the entire center of the rod where it really counts, and a finished height of the rod at over 1.5 inches. Making these the absolute thickest rod on the market.

We also do something slightly different than most, we use a total of four high clearance rods and two straight rods. In doing this we are able to accomplish two things. One, deliver the thickest heavy duty rod we can, and two give us much ground clearance as possible. Who doesn’t like that right? By using two arched rods instead of one, we are able to push the lower rod even further upwards gaining the most clearance possible, period.

We utilize ONLY industry leading FK Brand Spherical bearings equipped with a cloth PTFE liner for durability. No substitutions accepted.

Our rods are fully covered by a no hassle no BS warranty. If you damage a rod in any way we guarantee to replace it no questions asked, at all. We stand behind everything we produce and leave no doubt at our level of customer satisfaction. All products are covered for bending or breaking. The only thing that is not covered by our warranty is wear items such as heim joints, bearings, o rings, seals or other items that are considered wearable.


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