Talon Pre-Filter “Foam Buddy”


Talon (In Box Pre-Filter) For Stock Air Box Lid – Foam Buddy

Fits: All Honda Talon models 19-21 with stock airbox and OEM filter #17215-HL6-A00  Also works with RC OR10551

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The Desertcraft “Foam Buddy” is the simplest modification yet to prolong the OEM filter life with Talon’s problematic, dirt sucking engine air intake system. This pre-filter slips inside the air box ahead of the OEM air filter. No snorkels or body plastic modifications are required. Installation and maintenance are as simple as changing the stock air filter. Foam Buddy is an oiled, serviceable pre-filter for the stock Talon air box. It pre-filters all incoming air resulting in finer filtration trapping those super fine silt and clay particles that aftermarket gauze filters struggle with. It is designed to be used with the stock paper element, adding finer filtration, longer service life and water repellency. The design effectiveness has been proven with a similar system for the RZR XP 900. Foam Buddy is washable with a Simple Green type solution and oiled with either tacky filter oil or a W30 motor oil.


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