Split Windshield


Fits: 2015+ RZR 900 All Models, 2014-2018 RZR 1000 & Turbo

The two piece Split Windshield consists of an LOWER & UPPER WINDSHIELD with storage setup for the upper windshield.

Here is what’s included with our Split Windshield. 1. A Lower Half-Windshield 2. A Upper Section Windshield 3. A Rear Storage set-up for the Upper Section Windshield.


Here is how it works — The lower Half-Windshield is installed and is a fixed installation. The Upper section Windshield is installed above the lower Half-Windshield and uses a Quick Disconnect System for fast installation and removal.

When you only want to use the Half Windshield, the Upper Windshield is removed from its Windshield position and is installed in a rear storage position that also uses the Upper as a Rear Window to keep out some of the dust & wind.

Just think, you’re enjoying a nice easy ride with the Half Windshield allowing some of the bugs, dust & wind diverted and enjoying the nice breeze. Now it gets cloudy, cold, extra dusty or starts to rain. All you have to do is remove the Upper Windshield from its rear storage position and place it in the Upper Windshield position and now you have a Full Windshield to keep the wind, dust and rain from coming in the front.

Note: We can’t guarantee all of our products are compatible with other after-market manufacturers’ designed parts.


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