Slow Cooker for UTV


The A.T. Hotbox is plumbed into the motor’s cooling system.  As the motor runs, it heats the element inside to temperatures hot enough to warm and even cook food safely. Our specially designed mounting brackets make it easy to safely and securely fasten your A.T. Hotbox. For other models, use the four 1/4 20 rivnuts already secured in the bottom of the A.T. Hotbox.

Nearly any type of cooking product you have in your kitchen drawer can be used in the A.T. Hotbox. There’s no need for special cookware for the hotbox to warm or cook food. Recommended to not cook food directly in pan – sandwich bags (freezer bags are suggested as they are thicker), Tupperware containers, parchment paper (wrapping bread to prevent sogginess), and aluminum foil (do not wrap food directly – wrap around parchment paper).

Average cook/heating time is about 2 – 2 1/2 hours. Cook raw meat such as chicken breast, stew meat, prime rib roast, boneless pork spare ribs, new york steak and taco meat. Warm up left overs, corndogs, brats, lasagna, hot chocolate, burritos – almost any item you can pull from the grocery store shelf that you would heat up or cook at home.

Vehicle Specific Mounts sold separately – please call.

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