Sandcraft Destroyer “Demon” Paddle Tires


Sandcraft Destroyer Demon Paddle Tires

The Demon Paddle has the same height and depth as the Ripper, but offers a 14″ width that covers the whole tire to provide better traction. Price includes 4 tires (2 paddle rears and 2 front Mohawks).

Sandcraft Destroyer Mohawk Fronts:

  • 2-ply rated (UTV specific)
  • Ruff-buffed for better traction
  • Helps pull UTV in 4-wheel drive
  • Designed to eliminate push when turning on standard buffed tires
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PRICE INCLUDES A FULL SET OF TIRES on 15″ Rims for sizes up to 32.  Only 16″ Rims for size 33″.  Sorry, not available for 14″ Rims.


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