RZR Mud Flaps (all XP and XPT)


These are designed to keep the stuff that flies off of the front tires and shoot right back to the rear lower fender, trailing arms, radius rod, axles etc. It really puts a beating on those components, chipping and sand blasting them. Those nicks and dings not only ruin the finish but are doing untold damage long term?. We came up with our Fender Skirts to only protects the rear lower fender, but more importantly the rear components.? ??You will feel the difference right away!? These are not a sheet product or rubber. They are a cast Polyurethane product that we mold in house. This allows us to choose a material that is hard enough to maintain a thin cross section, holds it’s shape and is tough enough to take a beating but flexible enough to get out of the way when it needs to.? Easy install in less than 30 minutes.


Will fit:

  • 2016-2018 RZR Turbo
  • 2014-2018 RZR 1000XP
  • all years 900S
  • all years 1000s


Should fit, but not yet tested:

  • 2019+ RZR Turbo (no S or Pro)
  • 2019+ RZR 1000XP


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