Radiator Relocation Kit Honda Talon 1000R / 1000X by HESS


• Prevents Overheating
• Great for all types of Riding or Racing
• Works with all types of Stock and Aftermarket Rollcages
• Mounts in Stock Bed
• Maintains Excellent Viewing Area Out The Back of Car
• High Output Fans
Kit Includes: CBR Radiator, Mounting Brackets, Hoses, Clamps, Fan Wire, Caps, and all other Hardware for installation.
Note: As of 2019 All Radiator Relocation Kits will Include the Fan Override Switch Kit

Made to order: 1 week build time

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Honda Talon Hess Motorsports Rear Mounted Radiator Relocation Kit. A very common problem for any UTV enthusiast is over heating due to the stock mounting location of the radiator. The stock radiator is mounted up front which leaves it very vulnerable to damage and mud clogging. We have relocated the radiator to the rear, increased coolant capacity, and incorporated dual fans! This is the ultimate setup for the driver that demands performance from their UTV!


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