Quick Release Steering Wheel Hubs by NRG


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These are the tightest, longest lasting, and most eye catching hubs we have tried!  Many grueling race miles, and we will never again go back to Dragonfire, Gear One, Grant , or G-Force which all had WAY to much slop after very limited use, and some right from the get go!  These NRG releases only allow the wheel to go on one way – no losing the “center” of your steering wheel once you remove and reinstall!  Also, these come in any color to match your machine!  Can’t say enough nice things, just get one!  Price includes the adapter applicable to your machine, and the release mechanism that mounts to the wheel itself.


Gen 2.8 Quick Release by NRG utilizes all the features of the Second Generation Systems ball-locking quick release system engineered with raised sections to prevent the scratching and stretching of the hub while a self locking feature adds increased safety and functionality, with the added benefit of an upgraded Diamond Cut Neochrome flared ring. This allows much easier release for the steering wheel by providing added leverage and grip onto the pull ring. Features a colored body with a Neochrome ring for added style and look to any vehicle. Perfect for race applications where the use of gloves are required.


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