Lighted Whips by Rugged Whips


Package includes:

1 x Lighted Whip,
1 x Remote Controller,
1 x Flag

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★ Rugged Whips are brighter than other whips because they incorporate the latest in LED technology. Our LEDs are up to 50% brighter than others.
★ Rugged Whips tubes provide maximum strength, and flexibility. We carefully chose our tube dimensions to provide the best flexibility and strength. They’ve been tested on the race course for many, many miles, without breaks. And more importantly, the LED circuit remained safe.
★ Rugged Whips include our industry leading quick connect / disconnect plug and play mounting system.
★ Rugged Whips include a 6 months limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects and craftsmanship.
★ Available Length(s): 4 ft. and 6 ft.
★ Multiple colors combinations (RGB, red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, pink, purple etc.) with 32 brightness levels and 10 flash speed options
★ Remote controlled
★ Input Voltage: 12V DC – 24V DC


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