Ice Crusher Behind Dash Cab Heater CFmoto UForce 1000


Fits Cfmoto UForce 1000 (2019-2021)

Use your cooling system to heat your cab! From the original designer of the Firestorm UTV Cab Heaters comes our new and improved Ice Crusher Compact UTV Heaters. This Ice Crusher Under Dash Heater kit has 6 Vents and fits completely up under the hood area. This kit comes with a compact yet powerful heater with a three speed fan which will deliver heat from the 14,600 BTU* Compact Heater Unit. Adjustable louvers direct the heat were you need it – two 2″ vents mount center of the dash top to defrost the windshield, two 2” vents mount in the center dash panel and two vents, one 2″ and one 3″ mount in the lower dash area. A unique feature of our kit is that the heater intake comes from inside the cab where the air is cleaner and warmer. Warmer air means more available heat for you inside the cab. Kits are supplied with our custom CNC made alloy Y connectors that connect directly to the engines cooling system for fast heat (Our MaxStat is not required but is recommended). Kits also include custom CNC laser cut mounting brackets, heater hoses and duct hoses, hose clamps, new and improved vents, hole saws (for the heater hoses and vents), grommets, Switch, wiring loom and terminals included, templates, your specific mounting bracket with hardware, and instructions.

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