IBEXX RZR, Ranger, General Stage 1 Clutch Kit – Adjustable Weights W/Primary Spring

$269.99 $264.99

IBEXX’S brand new Stage 1 kit is guaranteed to deliver a smoother engagement to your clutching.  Not only that, but it will improve acceleration through the uniquely profiled weights.  A carefully selected spring is the perfect combo to the weights in this kit. The kit contains: Green Weights Primary Spring Magnets Bushing. Weights are completely adjustable to cover any riding you come across. Great for Dune, desert, trail or any other riding conditions.

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RZR Ranger General RZR, Ranger, General
Engine Size 1000xp, 1000s, 900, 570, XPTurbo
Years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Contents Comes with our clutch weights specifically engineered for your ride.  It comes with a primary spring selected to get the most performance out of the weights.


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