Heavy Duty Universal Joints


These are for high performance machines, most people can use THESE joints with great luck and save some $$$

Super-Duty Bounty Series U-Joint

  • Needleless bearing design reduces wear form rust and debris
  • 30% larger diameter post than OE
  • Over double the strength of OE joints
  • Grease zerks located on joint caps for easy servicing*
  • Fits both OEM and SuperATV prop shafts
  • 1-year warranty against breakage
  • *High-performance products require high-performance maintenance. Grease after every ride.



Polaris Heavy Duty Replacement U-Joint

These fit all Polaris drivelines up to 2018.  If your driveshaft is  from an 18+ and has two different size joints(front is smaller), these ones fit the larger of the two (rear ones).  See THIS LINK for the smaller joint that is by the front diff.

Super-Duty Bounty Series: Strength by Design
We designed our Super-Duty Bounty Series U-joint from the ground up to eliminate all the OE weak points. The absence of needle bearings in our U-joint means it will never wear from needles rusting. It is 30% larger than the OE joint and made of 4340 chromoly steel with 630 bronze caps. We even include grease fittings in the caps for easy servicing.

Bounty Series U-Joints Love Grease
Bounty Series U-Joints are designed for smooth operation. Grease after every ride and you’ll be treated to a joint that doesn’t fail or rust even if you bury it in mud and water every weekend. High-performance products don’t like being neglected—grease Bounty Series U-Joints after every ride.


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