GROUNDHOG MAX Plow/Cultivator


The GroundHog Max truly makes preparing food plots a one-man job. The GroundHog Max plow weighs 69 pounds and comes fully assembled. Easy to use “transport mode” allows the GroundHog to get to any remote food plot that your ATV/UTV can reach. The GroundHog Max can plow from 3-7 MPH and can even be used to plow in reverse. Although the GroundHog Max is half as wide as a normal plow, it makes creating food plots a breeze. In some states, land owners are required to have firebreaks around their property.  This plow can not only be used for making food plots, but also makes a great tool for creating firebreaks.  Creating firebreaks is now easier than ever using the GroundHog Max! In addition, the plow may also be used for duck hunting, landscaping and weed control.

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The GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow makes preparing food plots a fun, one-person job.

The GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow fits most all ATVs, Quads, UTVs, Wheelers, 4-Wheelers or Side-By-Sides (any power source that has a strong, well-braced 2-inch receiver).

The GroundHog MAX mounts between the rear wheels and under the ATV/UTV’s rear-end. It works by utilizing the weight of the vehicle (800 to 1200 lbs.) and drivers (200 lbs). There is no need to add extra weight.

With the GroundHog MAX, you can plow in oblong circles, figure eights, or straight for a variety of plowing options.  It’s easily done food plots with maximum functionality!

  • Easy to get to your property (no trailer).
  • Easy to manuver in tight spots.
  • Easy on your machine.
  • Easy on your wallet.
  • Saves time, gas, and money.


  • COST effective and it is a FUN and EASY one-man operation.
  • Half as wide as a pull behind plow with twice the speed (5-7mph +).
  • Trailer not required! Transport with no hassle.
  • You do not need a large 400CC or larger liquid cooled unit (required by a pull behind type) to use the GroundHog MAX.
  • The GroundHog MAX can be used on a larger variety of years/makes/models of ATVs. This is because you are able to plow with much smaller (250 cc and up) machine due to the smaller size of the GroundHog MAX. You are also plowing fast enough that air-cooled only machines can work.
  • The very expensive “do it all in one pass plows” must be pulled with an even larger/stronger unit, meaning that your food-plot needs to be very accessible for you to get the plow there on a big trailer. Level ground and great soil conditions are also necessary to use these larger plows, further restricting your land use.
  • The GroundHog MAX is less stress on any machine. And because ATVs were not designed to pull heavy weight at low speeds in loose dirt without running hot, the GroundHog MAX is the ideal tool for this machine type.
  • Both 2 and 4-wheel drive machines can utilize the GroundHog MAX. Independent/straight axles/chain drives all work for this plow. So, most owners of a good power source, like zero turn mowers, lawn tractors, Argos, jeeps, and small trucks with a DIY hitch, can use this plow.
  • Imagine the possibilities of being able to put a food-plot anywhere you can take an ATV! You can get there at the speed of your ATV too. The GroundHog MAX is a great solution for people putting in food plots multiple times a year.


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