EFX Sand Slinger Tires


The EFX SandSlinger UTV Sand Tire is the product of hours of testing and R&D. Why the effort? To produce one of the best gripping, best floating and best handling UTV sand tires on the market. I think we can call the EFX SandSlinger a success. Born in the dunes of Utah and battle tested on dunes across the country from California to Michigan, the EFX SandSlingers are built to handle all types of sand and all types of UTVs.  Not the lightest, but definitely the most rugged for ALL sand types with superior puncture resistance that any other tire on the market.  Don’t let a lava rock hidden in the sand ruin your weekend of fun at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes!

***Comp cutting available!  Only to local pickup for $85/tire***

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Available in sizes from 28″-31″

Tire / SizePly RatingTrue Diameter (in)Weight (lbs)Max Load CapacityPaddle Count
EFX Sand Slinger 28x11x1442822.961014
EFX Sand Slinger 28x14x1442828.471014
EFX Sand Slinger 29x11x1442924.861014
EFX Sand Slinger 29x14x1442930.471014
EFX Sand Slinger 30x11x1443025.761014
EFX Sand Slinger 30x14x1443031.271014
EFX Sand Slinger 31x11x1543126.661014
EFX Sand Slinger 31x14x1543132.771014


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