2015+ RZR 900 Trail “Best Ride” Full Spring Kit


This kit is made specifically for the 2015+ RZR 900 Trail model with OEM Sachs shocks. It uses 2.25″ ID springs which only fit the OEM base model shocks.

NOTE: This kit will not fit an aftermarket 2.0″ shock. If you have aftermarket shocks and want our spring kit you can use our RZR 900 Trail FOX Edition Kit HERE. This kit comes with 2.5″ ID springs and correct sized spring spacers along with 2.25″ to 2.5″ adapter rings which may not be required.

Kit includes (6) springs and (4) adapter rings. All springs come with silver powdercoat.

This kit is 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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This spring kit gives a substantial improvement in ride quality while improving handling as well at G-out resistance. We’ve found the perfect combination of spring length to rate ratio and are very happy with our results. This kit is for all four corners of the machine. After a lot of testing, it was determined there is no need for a dual-rate spring setup on the front of a RZR 900 Trail. We decided to stay with the proven single rate spring setup we’ve been using for years on the fronts of the narrower RZR’s. The rear however has found large improvements by switching to a dual-rate combination. The secret is in our short springs. We’ve found a perfect rate which allows us to custom tailor our long springs, (which determines the final rate of the suspension) to each individuals needs.

These springs are replacements for the OEM springs on the Sachs shocks. We provide a short spring and long spring for each rear shock. The OEM spring spacer is reused in this kit. Adapter rings are provided for front and rear OEM retaining rings.


We found there really only needed to be two rate kits needed for this model. The Standard rate kit works great for 2 people without a ton of extra gear loaded beyond what the average owner takes with them for a day on the trail or dunes. The Heavy Duty kit is recommended when carrying 2 larger people and a lot of gear most often. For the best ride combine springs with our 2″ lift kit HERE. The lift kit will allow you to run less preload for a smoother ride so even if you don’t necessarily want more height, the lift kit also works as a geometry improvement for more stability and better ride/handling.


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