1 -3/4″ TUBE CONNECTORS .095 &.120 WALL


Great universal tubing connector for any fabrication project. Low profile for a clean and streamlined finished assembly.

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Features :

-Solid cold rolled steel machined parts-not cast.

-Ends have chamfer for strong and clean welds.

-Pocketed cavity holds nut in place for easy tightening. Designed for single stage and dual stage powdercoat clearances.

-No threads machined in bungs ! Allows for easy alignment without the risk of damaged threads.

-Bolts can be run either direction for tight locations. 5/16-8 stainless bolts/nut to prevent rust.

-Low profile 2-3/8″ overall height.

-Fits 1-3/4″ tubing .095 wall and .120 wall 

-1 piece equals 2 halves & 2 bolts/nuts. Connecting a bumper ? You will need a quantity of 2.

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Steel, Chromoly


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