Denali Hydraulic UTV Snow Plow System


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DENALI UTV Snow Plow Hydro-Turn Systems make quick work of turning snow plow blades and hold fast when hitting even the biggest snow banks. They allow you to turn your snow plow side to side hydraulically without getting off your machine.

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• Top of the line Parker hydraulics system with built in relief valve overload protection
• Hydraulic system is completely sealed for life, no need to purchase hydraulic fluid, bleed lines, maintain a reservoir level or change the fluid; no chance of leaks!
• Change the blade angle while driving; full radius turn in just 5 seconds!
• Heavy duty chrome plated 3/4″ cylinder shafts
• Two bolt installation of hydraulic cylinder and pump
• No modifications necessary – bolts directly to the Denali UTV Plow Push Tubes
• Wire harness utilizes weatherproof connectors
• Backwards compatible with manual turning system
• Overload protection at 4,000lbs of extension force and 3,500lbs of retraction force
• 3 year Warranty

Hydro-Turn Components:
• Pre-assembled hydraulics package
• Mounting Brackets
• Contactor
• Wiring Harness
• Rocker Switch or Flush Mount Dash Switch
• Installation Instructions


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