Dakar Series Jack System Complete Kit 30 Inch Travel Jack Assembly w/8 Inch Dished Pad AGM Products


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The AGM Dakar Series Jacking System ties into your existing hydraulic power steering system, though a 100 percent mechanical control manifold. With fewer moving parts and no electrical components, this allows the Control Manifold to be small, light and more reliable.

This small size also makes it easy to mount within the driver’s reach, allowing him/her to raise or lower the vehicle without ever unbuckling their seat belt.

With the system handling all the lifting, the co-driver/navigator can now do the tire change completely on their own and in a fraction of their previous time; while the driver stays relaxed and focused on the race.

The system can also be used (in some situations) to get your vehicle unstuck without the driver or co-driver ever having to get out, reducing down time, physical fatigue and increasing safety exponentially.

The Dakar Series Jacking System is offered in three different travel lengths to accommodate your chassis and suspension geometry:

Those travel lengths are 24, 30 and 33 Inch. You can further customize the system to your needs by choosing either 8 Inch diameter Baja pads or a 12 Inch diameter Dakar pads for each Jack.

Each Dakar Series Jacking Systems includes:

  • 1 Control Manifold
  • 1 Hydraulic Line Kit
  • 2 Service Wrenches (2 and 2 3/4 Inch)
  • 2 Upper Chassis Mounts (standard or lightweight)
  • Mounting Hardware Kit.


  • 30 Inch With 8 Inch Dish pad
  • You’ve Worked Too Hard To Let A Flat Ruin Your Day
  • One-Person Tire Changes In Less Than 90 Seconds
  • Lightweight, Fast, Reliable


Additional information

Weight 70000001000001.00000 lbs
Dimensions 00000048000000.00000 × 15000006000006.00000 × 12000006000006.00000 in

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