BERCOMAC Premium 54″ Off-road Snowblower w/22HP Honda Engine


Most Powerful UTV Snowblower on the market currently!  Watch video and read more specs below!

Delivery takes 10-14 days because it ships on an independent carrier truck.  Price includes mainland United States shipping.

BACKORDER item.  All units are sold for the 2021/2022 snow season, taking deposits for 2022/2023.  Prices subject to change.

Available on backorder


This snowblower is the top of the line for ATV’s. Hook on & off in under 4 minutes so your quad is free for riding. Ride in comfort while having fun blowing snow.


  • Winch to lift accessory (1000 lb & more)
  • Rear ball hitch (2”)
  • Please verify measurements of vehicle to ensure proper fit and if optional extension kit for subframe is required. *If the measurement from front of bumper to the rear ball hitch is longer than 106″ you will need the subframe extension kit #700855 or #088049 (call us).


  • Transfer of power: Electromagnetic clutch to start the snowblower instantly.
  • Reduction: A unique Type B belt system assuring reliability and longer life span. Belt tensioner allows changing the belt within 5 minutes, 7/16” wrench is required to remove the belt guard.
  • Maneuverability: In order to offer better maneuverability when the ground is not frozen, the weight of the snowblower can be transferred to the vehicle’s suspension therefore avoiding that the wheels sink in to the ground.


    • HEAVY DUTY Gear Box: Assures performance in any type of snow removal and requires no maintenance


  • Shear Bolts: Equipped with shear bolts which is a preventive measure to reduce the risk of damage when a solid object is picked up but vigilance on the part of the operator is your best assurance against accidents or damage.


  • Built tough with it’s double layered base along with other reinforcements will help reduce damage if an obstacle is hit.

Performance: Equipped with a 22 HP Honda engine, it is without a doubt one of the most powerful snowblowers available for ATV’s & UTV’s on the market, anywhere. No matter what quantity of snow needs to be removed, this is the machine that will do it.

Berco TWO STAGE Performance:

  • 1ST STAGE: Is the powerful saw tooth auger which breaks through any type of snow with ease.
  • 2ND STAGE: Is the impeller that turns at a high RPM which propels the snow to further distances.


  • No more wasted time! This beauty attaches within MINUTES on most major brands of ATVs & UTVs.
  • The mounting system goes underneath the ATV / UTV and goes all the way to the rear to hook up on the tow hitch. It is adjustable for different lengths of ATVs & UTVs. At the front it hooks up to the front axles with some chains. It’s that simple and quick.
  • The vehicle must be equipped with a winch to lift snowblower.
  • Can be used with tracks!

Controls at your fingertips:

  • Electric start engine;
  • Choke and throttle for the motor;
  • The power take off button to start or stop the snowblower;
  • One switch to turn the chute and another to adjust the deflector.

Comes With:

  • Motor 22 HP
  • Gas tank kit
  • Drift cutters
  • Light kit
  • Universal mounting hardware for the majority of ATVs.
  • Battery support kit (Battery not included)
  • Extendable Frame: 4.75” wide frame is adjustable to different lengths: from 73” to 112”.
  • Dolly wheel: Dolly wheel frame support the weight of the snowblower so there is no added weight to the vehicle and bigger wheels for better adaptability to any kind of terrain.
  • Easy Re-Fueling: Gas tank may be removed to be taken to the gas station.

* CAUTION: If EPA is applicable in your area, be sure to choose a snowblower that respects it.


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