BERCOMAC 72″ Vantage Snowblower 2.0 w/25HP Kohler Engine


This is the thickest, wettest snow I could find on video of this machine and it is IMPRESSIVE!

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It’ll blow you away!

  • And it will certainly blow the snow away… to amazing distances.
  • Blowing the snow while taking a ride gives a new meaning to “Joy ride”.
  • You won’t want to stop with this kind of power.
  • This snow blower is specially designed for your side by side utility vehicle.
  • Perfect for light commercial use.

Controls at your fingertips:

  • All from the comfort of your seat
  • Start the snow blower.
  • Turn and adjust the chute.
  • Emergency shutdown.
  • Improved limit switch connected to lift unit


  • Made of thick gauge steel and other high performance components & design

Comes Complete:

  • Includes universal mounting hardware, motor, gas tank and electric controls.

Easy Installation:

  • Quick hitch in under 4 minutes
  • Drop the hitch onto your vehicle’s rear ball hitch.
  • Attach the straps or brackets (brackets stay on permanently) to your front axles.

Extendible Frame:

  • 4.75” wide frame is adjustable to different lengths: 73” to 112”.

Easy Storage:

  • Parking stand to facilitate storage.

Electric Lift:

  • Uses the vehicle’s winch (not included).

* CAUTION: If EPA is applicable in your area, be sure to choose a snowblower that respects it.


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