AP Tuned ECU Flash Can-Am X3 x MR RC Turbo Base 2018-2020


The Can-Am X3 x MR RC Turbo Base ECU flash is available from AP Tuned. With ECU flashing not only do you gain horsepower and torque, driving characteristics are vastly improved giving you improved throttle response and better driveability.

Crank Horsepower Ratings:

  • Stock Power 120hp
  • Tuned Power 148hp

What are the benefits of our tuning?

  • Race Start – You can start in any gear without pressing the brake pedal.
  • New performance fuel curve
  • New performance ignition timing (32 deg at wot)
  • Raised limp mode rpm to 6k (4k stock)
  • Removed speed limiters
  • Adjusted torque limiters
  • Lower fan temp 185F (203F is stock)
  • Boost correction for those that ride in different elevations


  • Our tuning is used worldwide.
  • Basic bolt-on performance parts will not require a retune of your ECU. Other efficiency parts such as colder spark plugs, boost tubes, or diverter valves are not required but can help performance. The ECU will adapt to these changes.
  • We can tune cars worldwide including JDM, EU, Australian, and USA cars for different types of octane or environments.

How to Flash Your ECU?

  • Use the Frieling iFlash OBDII device. This a Windows PC to flash between the stock and tuned at anytime.
  • We can bench flash the ECU. To bench flash the ECU, you must remove it from your vehicle and send it to us. Once we receive the ECU, we will prepare the tune file and then send it back to you for reinstallation.

For reference, this ECU is a Bosch ME17.8.5.

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