Agency Power Cold Air Intake Kit Textron Wildcat XX


A cold air intake kit on the Textron Wildcat XX can greatly improve the performance of your vehicle. It is a pretty common practice that a vehicles first modification includes intake, exhaust, and ECU tune. Modifying the Textron with a cold air intake will flow more air than the factory intake by design. This is due to the newly enhanced intake from Agency Power that features a high flow air filter to provide more CFM when the Wildcat needs it most. The factory air box is designed to accommodate the stock power and the everyday Textron driver. Unlike the stock air box or those other flow tubes that just cut the stock air box open, a complete cold air intake is the proper way to gain power without restriction. An intake needs to breathe while filtering out particulates. By removing the Donaldson air box, you are gaining better air flow and dyno proven power even without an ECU flash.

The Agency Power cold air intake has been engineered to be a direct replacement for the factory Textron Wildcat XX intake. Each part of the intake has been meticulously thought out to provide performance, longevity, and reliability. Starting from the top, the custom high flow Agency Power filter features a blue mesh design with AP logo end cap. This mesh is made up of synthetic nano-fibers. The dry filter does not need to be oiled as its media has sub-micron diameters and small inter-fiber spaces which result in more contaminants being captured. This filter is reusable allowing you to easily clean it between rides. To further provide the best air quality for off-road use, Agency Power has created an optional custom Outerwear brand pre-filter covers made specifically for the intake filter to be purchased separately.

After eliminating the heavy and bulky Donaldson filter and air box, the Agency Power intake features an aluminum intake tube that replaces the factory rubber tube. Each aluminum part is powder coated in a matte black for a clean and stylish finish. AP silicone coupler and clamps are included to make the kit an easy bolt-on.

To show the performance of the Agency Power intake, we tested a Textron Wildcat XX back to back keeping all the variables the same except for the intake. On a UTV with a stock tune, the intake made a bolt-on 5 horsepower. Making a simple 5 horsepower is tough to do on any of these UTV’s with bolt-on parts outside of the exhaust and ECU tune. This is because of the much improved air flow over the stock box. Overall, the intake is a great product to add as your first upgrade or during your build to improve power. The Agency Power Textron Wildcat XX Air Intake has been engineered to perfection!


  • High Flow, Reusable Air Filter
  • Aluminum Intake Tube
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Silicone Coupler With Clamps
  • Simple Bolt On
  • Gain of 5 hp
  • Dyno proven results



  • 2018+ Textron Wildcat XX

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

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