35″ Soundbar And Rocker Switch Bluetooth Controller (8 Speaker, 200w)


NS35A – 35” Soundbar with Built-in 200 Watt Class D Amplifier

NA2BT – Bluetooth® Controller with USB Input for NavAtlas Speakers and Soundbars

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NS35A Features:

• All-terrain System
• IP66-rated(waterproof/dustproof)
• 200w RMS Full-range Class-D Amplifier
• (8) 3.5” Midrange Speakers (4) 0.5” Horn-loaded Tweeters
• Aluminum Enclosure with Intermal H.D.S.(Heat Dissipation System)
• Analog/Digital Inputs(Compatible with NA1BT using D2D or A2A cable, SOLD SEPARATELY)
• Analog/Digital Outputs(D2D or A2A cables required, SOLD SEPARATELY) for ‘’Daisy Chain’configuration.
• Audio Signal Sensing Turn-on
• UV Coated Enclosure
• Aluminum Mounting Bracket
• Blue LED
• Low Standby Current/AUTO Shutoff
• Analog RCA Input
• Fits Bars with Diameters (1.5”~2”))

“NOTE: Some 3rd Party Radios/Source Units might have a preout of 1V or less, this will cause the audio output to sound to sound low. We recommend that a RCA line driver be used in this situation to increase the preout voltage and raise the sound level of the amplifier.”

NA2BT Features:

• IP66 Rated
• Dash Switch Type controller
• Dash Switch Type 3.5mm and USB Adapter
• High performance CSR 4.0 Bluetooth Solution
• Digital/Analog audio output
• EQ modes: Low/Mid/High/Flat
• LED Lighting control (For NavAtlas Speakers and Sound bars)
• 3.5mm AUX input
[email protected] USB charging port
• Waterproof connectors
• Includes 2ft universal RCA connector, Optional D2D/A2A/D2Y cables sold separately.


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